After cycling the Mexican Baja California from Tijuana to La Paz we thought it would be wise to learn some more Spanish. In the Baja some people do speak English but most don't. On the Mexican mainland and more south in Central and South America we expect even less people to speak some English.

We did a week course in La Paz. Every morning up at 7am to be in class at 8am. Classes till noon, have some lunch, do homework for several hours, have dinner and go to bed. And start over the next morning again.
At least, this was the plan but...

Plans never go as planned.

At the first day at school we meet Julia from Canada and Alex from France but also living in Canada. Those two are traveling together in a Ford F350 short bus*, transformed into a really awesome camper van. (*Short bus: The well known yellow school bus but much shorter)
They are on the road for half a year already and still have a half year to go. We become friends pretty quickly and spend a lot of time with them during the week. Off-course we did our homework but beside that we also did a lot of "fun" things.

In the weekend after the course we where invited by Joanne to come to her campsite in La Ventana, a very nice beach village south of La Paz and very popular by kite surfers due the goods winds. (Joanne was also doing a Spanish course together with Erik but not in the same class as we did)
Around La Ventana we went to a luxury hotel with nearly any guests for swimming and kayaking. It was locally called the "Kartel Hotel" because all this luxury and no one who actually seems to pay for it. We also went to the beaches north of La Ventana for digging big holes. Thermal heated water will fill the holes if you dig on the right places and you end up in your own self made Hot Tub. It did cost us a few hours of digging but it was pretty awesome.

Ok, lets do this

Hey Arjan, ten cuidado!

Relaxing after a day of hard work at school

Quote of the day

Doing homework

One of the nice beaches around La Paz

Eating big self made hamburgers

In the classes

Pinning where we from on the worldmap

Lunchtime in our hotel

On the road again, leaving California hotel

Bikes on the back of the camper

In the camperbus

Enjoying the view from above

In the pool of the "Kartel Hotel"

A pretty small boat for the two of us

Kim "Come on, faster!"
Arjan: "F*ck off, my boat is sinking!"

Sunset in paradise

Not a bad place at all for a camp

Hottub at night

Alex keep digging, even in the morning

Hard work pays off

"I go for a early morning dive"

Hiking time

Some strange mutations

Having a break on the beach

Blub says the fish

Watching the kite surfers

Bye bye friends, hope to see you again on the Mexican mainland in a few weeks.