Traveling around the globe, most of us do it well insured, do we?

Cycling around North Vietnam learnt us not everyone is well insured. Vietnamese truck drivers are not the most cautious drivers in the world, or better said, they drive like hell. Everyone and everything has to dodge when they hear a truck horn coming closer. It was hot and sunny, we were pedalling to northern Vietnam till we passed a group of Vietnamese standing on the middle of the road. We stopped to see what was happening, a woman was lying on the road drained in her own blood besides her small motorbike. A big truck kicked her.

The truck wasn’t even there anymore, he just passed by. Family was standing around the dead body, crying. On a terras just beside the road a few men where sitting there, just drinking a beer and looking at what was happening. We where nailed to the ground and finding ourselves to be landed in a very bad movie script. The day after I discussed this with a local. In this conversation we came to the point of discussing the insurance. Did the dead woman have a life insurance was the question? He looked at me as if he saw water burning. “A life insurance?” he asked. “How the hell can you insure your life? Everybody is gonna die someday!