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Without money no journey, without journey no money!
We try to be 100% selfsupporting without asking people or companies for money to live our dream but we always can use some extra. We hope to raise a lot of money for the charity projects underneath but if we can't cycle no charities can be supported.

Of course, a one-off payment can also be made directly to our bank account. This can be done to IBAN: NL76 ASNB 0707 7959 90 - BIC/SWIFT: ASNBNL21

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10% of everything we receive, on GoFundMe, Patreon and on our bank account, we donate to our Cool Earth project. Promised 😉


The charities we have chosen have been a conscious choice. Below a short description. The first is an old acquaintance of us that we have already done a successful campaign for. The ALS foundation.
For this charity we raised about €1.625,- in 2016 with our bike trip from Basel to Rome. Once again we want to support this good cause and to make it known because we still believe that there is not enough research and attention for in the medical world.

Support from the ALS foundation can easily be done via our ALS promotion page:

CHARITY - Cool Earth

The second charity is the foundation Cool Earth which is dedicated to preserving rainforests.

Cool Earth does not put up fences, it gives control back to those who deserve it. Locals.

This is a problem that appeals to us in view of the current state of our planet and the rapid emergence of a major global catastrophe in the short term. We expect to be confronted quite often with the consequences of global warming and the like. During our trip we intend to visit the two locations in Peru where Cool Earth is active. Below the places with a short description:

Supports of the Cool Earth foundation can easily be done via our Cool Earth promotion page:


For the most part, we fund our expedition out of our own pocket and we also have a minimum number of sponsors. A sponsor sounds nice but a sponsor does not sponsor for nothing and would like something in return, which is very understandable.
Our name Two Wheel Freedom says it a bit already, we want freedom and do not stick to all kinds of obligations. In spite of this philosophy, we have found a number of sponsors who do not want to enter our freedom with all kinds of obligations, or who have easy to complete requirements:

travelclub wendy braakhuis

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Still work in progress...

If you or you company likes our thoughts and philosophy and want to become a sponsor, we're very happy with you!! Please contact us

Personal Sponsors

We have a few personal sponsors as well:

Ank Bodewes
Jan v.d. Aast
Fam. Tuinman
Hans Elstgeest
Beppie en Rieks Bodewes
Bjorn & Jos
Dorien de Mönnink
Daan Balk
Stef Nitert

Many thanks to you all!!!!!