Road Tripping Utah, Arizona & California

In Ridgway we say goodbye to Debbie and cycle back to Montrose to pick up the rental car the next day. The ride down is so much more fun in the sun and with tailwind than the ride up with all the rain and headwind a few days ago. We do the same stretch in less than half the time.
Despite we booked the car from the next day we cycle straight to the car rental company. Maybe we can pickup the car already. On arrival at the rental company we notice theyโ€™re closed already. To bad.
But when we hang out a little longer in front of the rental company to figure out where to stay for the night a guy comes out off the building to close it down for the night. When he sees us he asks us why weโ€™re here. We tell him our story and an hour later we drive our car out of town… up to Moab, the mountain bike capital of the country. ?

We rented the car for a week and in that week we did 3200km road trip, two time zones, six National Parks, three times snow, many dessert, two dogs and loads of other fun things. Just check some pictures below;

First night sleep in the car near Moab

Desert breakfast

Road into Arches NP

Fallen Arches. They come and go.

We always do option #3 but here it’s not aloud ๐Ÿ™

Water in the desert.

The most famous one.

Wall paintings from long long ago in Capitol Reef National Park.

Sleeping in the car.

Cowboys on the road.

Lost dogs at Bryce Canyon National Park

Looks like in Holland.

Bryce Canyon… Bad weather ๐Ÿ™


Wild roads after wild camping

In the bus in Zion National Park




The American dream?

North Rim Grand Canyon National Park


Somewhere in the desert

Colorado River brigdes

No Jumping from bridge??


Horseshoe Bend… Realy an amazing place.

South Rim Grand Canyon National Park





I got my kicks on Route 66

Someone knows which movie this is in?

Route 66

Living the dream?

Bagdad Cafe. If you’ve seen the movie you will recognize, if not, watch the movie ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cooking in the desert.

Joshua Tree National Park


“Into The Wild” Salvation mountain.

Emptying the car before return in San Diego.

Bye bye San Diego.
Mexico here we come….


Cycling Colorado


Cycling Baja California Norte


  1. JJ Elstgeest

    Wat een giganties mooie foto’s je kunt er zo een natuurfilm van maken.

  2. Tom

    Gaaf! Julie hebben veel dezelfde plaatsen aangedaan als wij 2 jaar geleden!

  3. Jeanette Bos

    Super gaaf! En wat een prachtige fotoโ€™s!

  4. Cynthia

    So fun to read of your USA adventures! Cheers, Cyn & Randy (Dawson Creek).

  5. Gel

    Our favorite stretch of the highway leads from Salt Lake City to San Diego . If you drive straight through, you can make it in just about 10.5 hours and touch four different states: Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California.

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