Insurance. It may sound boring and not particularly adventurous, but sometimes boring, non-adventurous things must also be considered.
The airline tickets were booked a while ago, at least that sounds a bit adventurous. We did not have any travel insurance so far. Yes, such an ongoing one of a few euros per month you can only use limited time but certainly not 1.5 years consecutively.

We are obliged to unsubscribe from the municipality because we will be away for more than 8 months. In addition, we also have to cancel our Dutch basic health insurance.

So we had to seriously look for a good travel insurance for a long term, covering as much as possible, and preferably not too expensive.

After searching a lot on the internet and requesting quotes here and there, we finally found one. The Alianze Globetrotter Insurance. This one will cover all possible uninsured for 1.5 years, completely tailored to our needs and certainly not too expensive. In fact, a Dutch basic insurance for 1.5 years is more expensive than our long-term travel insurance. We hope it's thrown away money anyway...

GEOS Search and Rescue

spot gen3

Furthermore, we have a satellite tracker with us that works anywhere in the world. The Spot Gen3. We use this so that you can follow us live on a map via our website.

We will expand this Spot Gen3 with the GEOS Search and Rescue service.
GEOS provides emergency rescue coordination and SPOT SOS/911 monitoring through the dedicated International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).

The IERCC is manned 24/7 with dedicated and highly trained operatives who have access to emergency responders worldwide to ensure that in an emergency our situation will be dealt with efficiently and we will receive the resources we need. In fact, the average response time from the receipt of our 911/SOS message until referring an emergency responder is only 11 minutes, wherever we are in the world. Save feeling 🙂

search & rescue