Last weekend we went for a Winter Camp.

It was clear but cold weather so we took our bikes, packed in warm clothes, a tent, warm sleeping bags, and we drove our bikes through a small piece of Germany and back to Holland to the small town called Diffelen. This is the only place for us nearby were it's possible to go (legal) camping in wintertime.

The campsite itself was surprisingly busy with small campers and little tents.
Unfortunately there was just one mobile sauna on the campsite which was, of course already taken. Fortunately there were also mobile wood stoves, good enough to stay warm in front of our tent.

At night our sleeping bags weren't as warm as we had hoped. So had to do our best to keep each other warm ๐Ÿ˜‰

The next day, on our way back home we took a part of the Vechtdal Route, with lots of water around. Despite the rain now and than it was worth well.

See some pics below...