I can so you can….

By growing older lifestyles are continuously changing and at some point you find yourself asking te question “What are the things in life that you would like to have done someday?” In the Western world, women happily have a lot of choices and possibilities, we don’t need to be dependent on men, can go wherever we want and we can decide for ourselves whether we want to have children, or not, thanks to the contraceptive. Although the standard still is that women get children. I am a woman without children, which does not mean that I would not have wanted them, or that I don’t like children 😉 “If I was not to be a mom, what was the thing I really wantend for me, at least for now?” Often I have many great ideas in my head, but unfortunately just a few are carried out. One of the ideas I really wanted to do was to travel alone somewhere with just me, myself and I. Traveling on my own, being able to be independent and happy without needing anyone else for it. It took me a while before I was finally brave enough to take the plunge. It was decided, I should go on my bicycle. Why my bike? Well because when I’m riding it I always feel great! Feel my body working, feel the wind and smell the nature. So I packed my bicycle with camping stuff and all other things I needed to travel on my own and went. I was excited about the trip, but it also scared me a bit. But I thought; “just go for it girl! If the “http://cyclingdutchgirl.com” can travel on her own for so many years with just a bicycle all over the world, then I most certainly must be able to overcome a few days, right?”

The trip was a great experience. I learned a lot; When traveling alone, people make easier contact, total strangers are very interested in what you’re doing and they want to help you with everything. And important, I never felt unsafe, not even by night, all alone in my teeny-weeny-tent.

“My huge tent 🙂