Happy New Year!

The December holidays are over, the new year has started. 2018, for us the year of leaving everything behind us.

We will leave in early May. May 6 to be precise, we fly to Reykjavik for a stopover of 7 days to fly to Alaska from there.

With only 4 months left in the Netherlands it starts to tickle now and we start getting a little nervous.

We still have to do a lot of things before we can step on the bike without worrying;
The last vaccinations have yet to be achieved, the ESTAs for America still have to be arranged, storage for our household needs to be found, we are still looking for new tenants for our house, we still have not found sleeping bags that we like, long term travel insurance still have to be arranged, in our daily work a number of things have to be organized and also for Maud a first ticket to Canada has to be planned.

Besides that, we're still trying to decide if we want to be sponsored or not. Being sponsored sounds fun but also involves obligations. Obligations we might not be waiting for while on the road.
We have already decided that we want to link a charity to our trip again. We are not going to say what these are going to be yet.

Enough things to keep us busy in the coming months but one thing is certain, 2018 will be a fantastic year. Everyone's best wishes !!!