Live Route via GPS Tracker

For GEOS Search and Rescue service we carry a satellite tracker so if things go very very wrong we can be rescued from anywhere in the world. This same device has also a live tracking service so you guys at home can follow us live. How cool?

Spot tracker

Follow the adventures of TwoWheelFreedom in real time with the help of Spotwalla.
This map is interactive. Zoom in, out or click on the Chasing the Cure dropdown to go back in time or change the map views.

Planned route & timetable

For our 2018/2019 "Alaska - Patagonia Expedition" the route and time schedule we have in mind is underneath. As usual things probably don't go as planned therefor there will also be a live tracker later on. (This live tracker will be added later...)

time schedule

Click map to enlarge...

In case you have tips and tricks for us, places to go or things to do, please leave a comment on our contact page. Tnx 😉

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