I like to do active things a lot, but considering I’m a bit of a clumsy person it’s also a bit exciting to see if I make it back home in one piece. And as you probable can imagine it’s always a bit of a scare factor for the ones staying behind.

Luckily most of the time things go well and no real harm is done. Besides of that I’m remembering the time when we went with a couple of friends to Austria for a snowboard course. For me as first-timer it was tough, really tough!

What happened was I was going downhill on the board when a skiing class of four year olds was passing me by. Except for the last kid who wasn’t able to pass me by.

My snowboarding skills weren’t really good enough at that time, so of course I fell and landed right on top of the kid. I totally sat on the pour little thing! Luckily we both didn’t break anything or had any injuries at all. The worst thing that happened for me was that it all was put on film from different angles!

Arjan and two of our friends did all bring their new GoPro’s that holiday, so they could try there new gadgets. Lucky for me no one will ever forget! Now I still have to hear about it from time to time…,but it’s always a good story for a good laugh though.

Sometimes it takes much longer time to recover from an accident. Like that one time we were off to Italy for a two week cycling trip. But this a complete different story and I’ll write it down here some day…