Coming Home From Ushuaia

We arrived in Ushuaia a week before our plane to Holland departs. So one week to spend in and around Ushuaia. We tried to organise a Warmshowers host to stay with for this last week but unfortunately non of the eight addresses we wrote too in Ushuaia did respond on our request or did host other cyclists already. But this is no wonder since Ushuaia is a popular city to start or end a long distance cycling trip.

We organise a cosy AirBnB address to stay with.

The week flies by fast. We take a lot of rest, we organise bike boxes to transport the bicycles in the airplane and we discover Ushuaia. Kim also updated her portfolio since she has to find a new job back home.

Around town there are some pretty spots to discover but we don’t visit the National Parks or Glaciers around Ushuaia. I think we have seen enough of Patagonia and besides, the place is also very touristic and therefore expensive. Why pay a lot of money for something we have seen already many times for free?

The flight back to Holland did start full of stress because Arjan had to cut off a pedal from his bicycle at the airport. The rest of the trip home goes smooth.

Some statistics from the last 1,5 year:
– In total we cycled 22.323 km.
– Our trip was 566 days of which we have cycled 337 days.
– We did spend 1.438 hours in the saddle.
– Our average speed was 15,52 km p/hour.
– Our average day distance was 66,24 km p/day
– Elevation gain 147.278 meters. (We cycled 16,64 times up the Mount Everest)
– Elevation loss 150.148 meters. (We downhilled 16,97 times Mount Everest)
– With the two of us we just had 29 flat tires.

Collecting boxes all through Ushuaia

Maybe going by car is a good idea, maybe not?

Street art in downtown Ushuaia.

An Irish pubs in South America usually doesn’t serve Irish beers like Guinness but this one in Ushuaia does serve pretty good Irish dishes. (But no Irish beers)

It’s a touristic town.

Preparing to go back to Holland.

View from out of our bed.

Just some pictures from around town.

The harbour from where you can cruise to Antartica.

Bad Ass backpacker car.

On our way to the airport.

Getting off one of the paddles was a big problem at the airport. Arjan ended up shewing it off to fit the bike in the box.

Bye bye Ushuaia 🙁 Maybe see you next time…

Patagonian mountains underneath us.

Flying above the Atlantic Ocean. The sun goes down, time for a nap.

Can’t sleep at night.

Next morning. Sunrise above Italy.

@ Rome Airport.

Being a celebrity for 2 seconds 😀

Taking off again.

Rome – Amsterdam | We are nearly back in our home country we left for more then 1,5 year ago.

Swiss Alps.


After traveling for more then 26 hours we finally arrive at Schiphol Airport.

Missed my love. Reunited again?

Flowers, tears and happy smiles. “Welcome back”

Finally good coffee again.

Even 92 year old grandma was there to pick us up.

Our steel horses do need some build up again.

Tada, we are specialised in building up bikes after 1,5 year on the road.

But this paddle does need some more time to fix.

After two days in an empty apartment back home we bring back in a lot of our stuff. Moving boxes everywhere.

“What did you miss?” is a question we hear a lot. Patatje Waterfiets is one of the answers.

Discovering Almelo again. Our home town.

A quote from our local comedian Herman Finkers about cycling is new in town we discover. A good quote to move on from the point we are in our lives at this moment. Tnx Herman.

By bike

When I’m on the bicycle
then I sometimes think
nothing is wrong with me.

But when I think
Then I think:

Don’t think too much if you can
because you have to go even further.

Herman Finkers


Cycling Tierra del Fuego


In The Local Newspaper


  1. Cynthia

    Congratulations! Much love to you both. So proud of your success. ?? I think perhaps ypur next adventure may be transitioning back to regular life. There seems something poetic and sacrificial about Arjan having to saw off a pedal on his steel horse in order to leave South America. Will you keep writing a blog? Hope so! Merry Christmas 2019! Cynthia & Randy

    • 2WF

      Hi Cynthia & Randy, Thanks a lot and thanks for your unlimited hospitality! We will try to keep up our blog about our future adventures.
      Merry x-mass and a wonderfull 2020 for both of you (and the rest of all lovely Canadian we met on the road!)
      Kim & Arjan

  2. Mariëtte

    Welkom thuis! Mooie foto’s en wat leuk dat jullie zo’n fijn onthaal hadden. Succes met weer je ritme thuis vinden! Tot snel! Liefs Udhesh & Mariëtte

  3. Rieks Bodewes

    Wat zijn wij trots op jullie en het prachtige avontuur dat net achter de rug is. Gelukkig is het centrum van Almelo net helemaal vernieuwd zodat er weer wat te ontdekken valt. De vrienden zijn gebleven en het werk kent weer vele nieuwe uitdagingen. Wij hopen dat de komende jaren ook weer vol prachtige belevenissen zullen zijn en kunnen jullie weer wat vaker knuffelen.
    Veel liefs van Beppie en Rieks

  4. John Mercer

    Congratulations and I’m happy for you to be back home! Fast cars, fast people. Go, go, go. Back to work, save money, then do it again!

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