We are Kim & Arjan. Our basecamp is in the Netherlands and we like to travel around the world, preferably on two wheels, motorized or human-powered. Off course we do sometimes travel by foot or public transport but in the end; two wheels fits best. Through this website we like to take you all with us on a virtual journey across our amazing earth. Ride on with us...

Cheers and read on,
Arjan and Kim.

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The Expedition Plan

From may 2018 till november 2019 we planned to make an extreme cycling expedition.

In 1.5 year time we will cycle approximately 30,000km from the icy northern tip of Alaska, through Canada and the U.S. from where we will enter warm Central and South America. Finally we will go through the high-pass mountains and salt plains of Bolivia & Peru to reach America's most southern point, Tierra del Fuego, Fire Land...

How this expedition plan began

It was the beginning of summer 2015; nice, sunny and warm and we were heading north to beautiful Norway on our two wheel freedom machine with a couple of friends. A new adventure was ahead of us. As usual on these moments we always ask ourselves; “ Why couldn’t life always be like this?” The journey ended up in an awesome trip and we ended up with loads of great stories and pictures.

We love doing trips like this, sometimes short in time, sometimes longer, and much much longer in 2018 & 19 for our upcoming Alaska - Patagonia Expedition.

To share our stories and pics with the rest off the world we created this TwoWheelFreedom.nl site. Also through this site we can be followed live on a map on our Alaska - Patagonia Expedition. 

And the name” two wheel freedom”? This comes from the fact that we associate traveling with pure freedom and we prefer this traveling on two wheels above traveling by public transport or what else.

Cheers with love!!!

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