“Country of flowers, windmills and bicycles” This is how foreigners often think about our homecountry. It’s also well known that half of Holland is under sea level and we have loads of dams & dikes to hold the water out.

This is a story about a cycle trip through Zeeland, the part of Holland famous because nearly everything describes above.

The whole world knows New Zealand. It’s discovered in 1642 bij the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. It was Tasman who gave it it’s name, named after Zeeland.

It’s early in the morning, the car is packed with two bicycles and camping stuff for a few weeks. Our route this morning is south-west, down to Zeeland.

We parked the car near a campsite to be picked up in a few weeks.

Cycling with a 7 year old girl is totally different as an usual cycling trip. You have to stop more often for a break, you can not make as many kilometers as you should like and kids need to play with other kids so once in a while so you have to stay on campsites for more then one night so now and than. But it definitely also has it’s positive side. I like ice cream as well, if travelling slower you see more in less km’s and as travelling with just the two of us you get to know each other even more better then you did before…

We did many, many dams & dikes.

Had many great views.

Had some fights once in a while.

Wandered around in Mini Mundi.

Took some boats.

And we finally reached Zierikzee again, the place the car was parked a few weeks ago.

Traveling with kids… just go with the flow, it’s not harder then travelling without them but you should just take more time for everything and don’t go as fast as you want. A little more regularity in the days is also recommended 😉

Eat, Cycle, Ice-cream, Cycle, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.