My last blog “Go for it Girls!” was about a four-day trip I made on my bicycle in my own country. This is what I brought;

Camping stuff:
Gelert Solo Tent
Sleeping bag, Xenos selfinflating mattress
Blue waterproof blanket, just from the ANWB
2 pans, 1 frying pan without lid
MSR Whisperlite stove + fuel + lighter
Swiss pocket knife

Bicycle stuff:
Modified ROSE mtb
Ortlieb + Vaude waterproof cyclebags
Garmin GPS 60csx with full batteries 🙂
Map of surroundings and destination
Bicycle lock 2x,Lashing straps,(bicycle) tools, extra inner tubes
2,5L water

Personal stuff:
Petzl Headlight + fresh batteries
A good reading book.
The pill, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, towels, deodorant, wax, makeup, sunscreen.
1 roll of toiletpaper
Small lightweight backpack
Iphone + UR 4400 mAh powerbank
ID, bankcard, cash money
Het Groene Boekje (Back To Basic campings)

Although I work in fashion I had very few clothes with me, but enough… for me. Sometimes it seems like I live in two different worlds that are a bit opposite to each other. As graphic designer in the fashion industry, it’s all about clothing. In my free-time-world, when I’m traveling it must be as light and less as possible. “What would you leave at home or what would you bring extra, relative to my list?”